Visual Storytelling

This page directs you to student produced video projects and photo essays that were created in one of our Texas State undergraduate classes. The various videeo essays can be accessed by the links on the right.

The Air Men:

This high flying expose' reports on the Commemorative Air Force of San Antonio, Texas.


There's No Crying In Flying - An airbound adventure of a New Braunfels helicopter flight school.

Getting The Wheel In Motion - A unicycle football league that is making
a big impact in San Marcos.

Man Creates the Wheel. Marcus Creates a Sport - Same unicycle league with a different perspective.

He Gave Maore Than He Took - An insightful look into the life of one of Texas State's most beloved Journalism professors.

Kent Finlay's Hill Country Honky Tonk - Cheatham Street Warehouse - A San Marcos landmark

Fowler's Garden - A breath of fresh air brings new life to this San Marcos School.

Jacob's Story - An emotional tale of one family's triumph over adversity.

Teamwork - This story looks at how a community comes together to improve the life of one special child.

The Fight to Be Fit - One man's fight for fitness by fighting his foes in the ring.

Batting The Barriers - How sports and a group of cheerful volunteers help a special youngster to become "a part of."

Pen Marks - An insiders view of the fanciful art of tattoo.

Winning Dedication - Collegiate championships can be won off the field.

Jarrod & The Snake Farm - An unusual outreach that brings folks up-close and personal with some of the world most deadly reptiles.

John Clement of Ecology Action - Recycling that's made fun for youngsters can change the world.

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